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Jazzy is the queen of credit, but she’s also the queen of educating you on how to build and maintain it.

My current job checked my credit as part of the background check, and because Jazzy mentored me through the process, I got the job AND a huge sign on bonus!!! She really is the source of truth and cares about your future as long as you put in the effort to learn!


I was a victim of a credit repair scam and had truly given up hope in fixing my credit. But I gave Jazzy a chance and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to raise my score over 100 points with simple things like her Phone Scripts and dispute templates that I used with the bureaus.

I finally feel free again and can rest easy again. Jazzy is a God send. Seriously, she knows this stuff and is not the least bit judgemental. She’s very understanding and truly wants to see you win.


I’m a single mom & thanks to Jazzy I bought my first home for me and my sons! I was scared to even look at my credit report. But Jazzy showed me exactly what I needed to do to get the credit bureaus to remove derogatory items from my credit report. I had no clue what Consumer Credit Laws were and Jazzy helped me leverage FCRA and FDCPA guidelines to get me into the 700 club in less than 2 months.

She is truly the credit queen and even educates you on Consumer Law and how to go toe-to-toe with the collection agencies that charge you ridiculous, unlawful fees. 


I got a notification that a collection had been removed. I ASSUMED it was the account I just paid yesterday. Wrong. They don’t work that fast. It was one of the accounts that fell off TU that I disputed using her templates. Y’all. She is doing God’s work. Thank you Jazzymac. I can’t even contain myself right now! Like it really worked. I was a skeptic. But it worked! Get in this y’all. Do not miss out.


Just wanted to double back and say Thank You!!! Today Equifax removed a $3400 collection from my report all because of your letter! I could cry fr! They received the letter Feb 14. It was deleted Mar 4.

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I just want people to know it works. All collections that were there in November are officially gone. Such a good way to start the new year. Do it and stay consistent! Thank you again, Jazzy!


Thank you for the outstanding advice! I destroyed my credit when I was younger and am slowly inching my way back up, but these tactics will definitely help speed up the process.


Man, it’s crazy how simple this credit stuff is. My parents never taught me about credit. But after working with Jazzy, I’m up over 50 points in one month. The best part is I did everything on my own and she saved me over $1,200 in what I was going to pay a credit repair agency. I love that she educated me on how I can help MYSELF. She’s truly all about empowering you to put the work in and be your own success story.

She makes credit feel fun, and not like some scary topic. She helped me get out of my own way and I owe her big for that.


I’ll be real, before Jazzy, I didn’t even know what a secured credit card was or how to even pull my report. I didn’t have bad credit, I had NO CREDIT at all. I was stuck. But Jazzy showed me how to responsibly build credit.

She’s the nicest person ever but she definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone to change your mindset. I’m glad she pushed me to think bigger about my life. Grateful is all I am for her. I love her energy and her spirit just invigorates you!


It worked!!!! Ahhh I’m super excited! I watched your videos & sent in my letters & I checked my score this morning & all my debt was gone & my score looks amazing! Thank you sooo much!

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